Retailers who sell board games.
This category is about buyers finding sellers and sellers finding buyers. We WANT your website to be found easily. By choosing the most appropriate category, you assist us in both these efforts.

Choose ONLY the ONE category that most accurately describes your site.

If you sell primarily used, antique and collectable games, please submit your site to "Used Games".

Otherwise, if you qualify, please use one of the specialty categories: "Decorational Games", "Kids and Educational Games", "Classic Games", "Wargames".

Otherwise, please submit the site to: "New Games" or "New and Used Games".

Do not submit a site which is under construction. Submissions that contain mostly broken links or incomplete content will not be added.

Please use descriptions of this form:

Blurb about what can be found at the web site. At the end, include at least the country from which you ship your products (for shipping, currency and tariff reasons). [list methods of ordering in square brackets at the end. Use only the following terms: "on-line ordering", "phone", "toll-free number", "fax", "email" and "mail"]

If your business also has a physical store location, you are encouraged to submit it separately to the appropriate locale under "Regional". If you have ONLY a physical location, you must submit your site to "Regional", this category is restricted to companies that hand on-line and mail order.

If your site is an affiliate site, it WILL NOT be listed. The Open Directory Project guidelines require that, in order to be listed, the site provide original content. In the Shopping and Retailer categories, that means that you must sell things yourself.

Only submit sites to this category that are suppliers to the general public of various chess products.

No manufacturers or wholesalers, unless you sell direct to the general public and provide prices listed on your site.

Board games designed primarily for children or whose primary function is the teaching of new skills and knowledge.
Please submit only sites whose primary business is children''s and educational games.

Sites that offer significant numbers of other games will be moved to another category, so please submit the site to the correct category in the first place.

Sites that sell only one game, usually made by the company running the web site and often having an unusual theme.
If your site sells one and only one board game, then please submit it to this category.