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Listing of online and retail stores that sell bingo products.
This category is about buyers finding sellers and sellers finding buyers. We WANT your website to be found easily. By choosing the most appropriate category, you assist us in both these efforts.

Choose ONLY the ONE category that most accurately describes your site.

If you sell primarily used, antique and collectable games, please submit your site to "Used Games".

Otherwise, if you qualify, please use one of the specialty categories: "Decorational Games", "Kids and Educational Games", "Classic Games", "Wargames".

Otherwise, please submit the site to: "New Games" or "New and Used Games".

Do not submit a site which is under construction. Submissions that contain mostly broken links or incomplete content will not be added.

Please use descriptions of this form:

Blurb about what can be found at the web site. At the end, include at least the country from which you ship your products (for shipping, currency and tariff reasons). [list methods of ordering in square brackets at the end. Use only the following terms: "on-line ordering", "phone", "toll-free number", "fax", "email" and "mail"]

If your business also has a physical store location, you are encouraged to submit it separately to the appropriate locale under "Regional". If you have ONLY a physical location, you must submit your site to "Regional", this category is restricted to companies that hand on-line and mail order.

If your site is an affiliate site, it WILL NOT be listed. The Open Directory Project guidelines require that, in order to be listed, the site provide original content. In the Shopping and Retailer categories, that means that you must sell things yourself.

Retailers who sell board games.
This category is for sites that sell Bridge supplies of almost any variety. Sites that sell solely computer Bridge software belong in Games/Card_Games/Standard_Playing_Cards/Bridge/Computer_and_Online .

Almost all descriptions should be in the format used for descriptions in the category. The first sentence should describe the products sold. The middle sentence should describe important web site features, especially online ordering, or should be omitted. The last sentence should describe the country in which the company is located.

There is currently no description created for this category.
Websites of manufacturers and distributors of casino supplies should be submitted to the appropriate category under Games: Gambling: Equipment.
Online retailers of casino games and casino game supplies.
For online retailers of all types of coin operated games and amusements such as arcade games, pinball machines, cranes, kiddie rides, etc.
Commercial sites selling dice or games involving dice.
Please submit here only if you are a retailer, distributor or commercial enterprise that is related to modelling, miniatures, or hobby accessories and products. Please note that sites should ideally be e-commerce enabled, as defined here.

Any sites that attempt multiple listings or appear to be private collections will not be listed. This is not a suitable category for personal collection sales or sites with no on-line ordering capability. Second hand sales or those with rudimentary online ordering will be considered at the discretion of the editor.

This category is for the listing of commercial enterprises, distributors or retailers of miniature gaming, modelling or collecting products, including where appropriate railroad or diorama/scenic supplies. Listings are not restricted to one country, so international entries will be considered acceptable. Hobby or gaming stores, specialising in one product or range are also accepted for addition.
This category contains sites that sell games for parties.
This category is for retail sites selling a mixture of different types of puzzle. Before submitting here please consider whether the site would be better listed in one of the following more specialist categories: Shopping: Toys and Games: Games: Puzzles: 3D for sites that sell mainly or exclusively THREE DIMENSIONAL puzzles. Shopping: Toys and Games: Games: Puzzles: Wooden for sites that sell mainly or exclusively WOODEN puzzles. Sites that sell mainly or exclusively JIGSAW PUZZLES should be listed in one of the specialist jigsaw puzzle categories - see the description at Shopping: Toys and Games: Games: Puzzles: Jigsaw for details.
Retail sites selling a mixture of different types of puzzle.
Suppliers who carry all types of furnishings should submit their site to Shopping: Home and Garden: Furniture.

If your site is not in English, please do not submit it to this category. Instead, review the World category to determine the best location for your site, and submit it there.

This category contains listings for vendors that deal primarily in recreation room equipment. In order to be listed in this category, the vendor must supply furnishings-type equipment for more than one type of recreation room activity. Typical recreation room equipment includes:
  • Billiards tables;
  • ping pong tables;
  • Foosball tables;
  • poker tables; and
  • Dart boards.
Suppliers who carry all types of furnishings are found in Shopping: Home and Garden: Furniture.
Companies that don't publish role-playing games, just sell them.
This category is for sites that offer products for sale. Company, price and order information must be included on the site.
This category is for sites, not pages, specializing in online sales of anything related to any Tile Games.
This subcategory is exclusively for sites which sell items that span more than one subcategory of Games. Stores which sell items that don't belong in any of the existing categories would still be listed in the main category.
In order to be listed here, the site must first and foremost be a shopping site. Guidelines for shopping sites generally require at a minimum: 1. A list of specific products. 2. Prices for those products. 3. A means of ordering the products such as an on-line store, mail, email, phone, toll-free number or fax. This category is for sites that sell video games and video gaming accessories. If the company sells only console games (Sega, Nintendo, Playstation, etc) then it should be listed in the "Console" subcategory. If the company is focused mainly on used games then it should be listed in the "Used" subcategory. ONLY if your site sells both PC and console games, then it should be submitted to this category.
There is currently no description created for this category.
This category lists websites that sell outdoor type games like horshoes, washer pitching, hacky sack, yard darts, etc. It also contains sites that sell tabletop sports games such as table tennis, table soccer, etc.
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