Within this category are listings for sites selling billiard and snooker tables, or a variety of accessories.
  1. Sites should be submitted to this category only if they offer billiards tables and/or accessories.
  2. The following sites should not be submitted here, but to the appropriate Regional category:

    • sites for local stores which do not offer online sales,
    • sites that limit their delivery area to specific countries, with exception of the United States.
  3. Sites of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors etc. who do not sell to the general public should not be submitted here, but to Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Sporting Goods: Cue_Sports.
  4. If your site is not in English, please do not submit it to this category. Instead, review World to determine the appropriate category for your site, and submit it there.
Snooker Equipment: Please only insert Snooker related content. General snooker equipment,cues and cue cases,tutorials,videos. etc, etc.