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Please submit only those sites that (a) sell books on-line (b) contain only information about a specific title (c) that specific title must be a history.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Your site must be appropriate for THIS category.
  1. Please be sure the site is one that focusses on this topic only. If in doubt, please go to the front page and search or browse for your topic.
  2. The sites must sell books. Having a preview online does not count.
  3. Please do not submit individual pages.
  4. Please choose the correct sub-category (if there is one.

Inappropriate submissions will not be listed, and may lead to your site being excluded completely. Please help us to help you by submitting once to the appropriate category.

This category is for sites that sell History: Wars and Conflicts books.

All sites allow the visitor to buy books - they do not simply describe them or review them.

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