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Please submit your site to the appropriate subcategory. Please make sure that the url is correct and that you have included a description. We will list your site in one category only, so please don''t submit to mutiple sub-categories. We do not list affiliates or lists of affiliate links.
This category is for books and bookstores that sell books on-line.
This category is for websites with online sales of calendars that are generally for personal use. Examples would include calendars with monthly photos of animals or nature scenes.
Calendars intended for office or business are listed at Shopping/Office_Products/Supplies/Calendars.
A tabular register of the days, weeks and months of a year.
Please submit sites that offer hardcopy catalogs.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Please only submit sites selling "manga-specific" items to this category.

Anime sites should be submitted to Arts: Animation: Anime

Shopping sites that sell new and used comic books and related merchandise.
This category is for sites that sell books that are published in a downloadable format.
  1. If you are submitting to a sub-category of Digital Books, please be sure the entire site is one that focuses on that topic only.
  2. The sites must sell books. Having a preview online does not qualify.
  3. Submit the home page. Please do not submit individual pages.

Please help us to help you by suggesting once to the most appropriate category.

This category is for sites that sell books that are published in a downloadable or digital file.

All sites must SELL books. Having a preview of the book online does not qualify; the entire book must be available for purchase in a digital form.

This category only lists sites which sell subscriptions for a wide range of magazines. All other sites should be submitted to a different category.
Sites selling multiple magazine subscriptions are listed in this category. For back issues and magazine collections, check out Shopping: Antiques and Collectibles: Ephemera: Periodicals. If you are looking for information about a particular magazine, check out Home: Consumer Information: Arts and Entertainment: Magazines. Or if you want to read the online version of a specific magazine, you can look for it at News: Magazines and E-zines.
Please note that this category is exclusively for online shopping. To be appropriate for this category, a site must include products, prices, and ordering information, so that customers can order merchandise directly from their home or office.

Storefront map stores typically do not offer this form of shopping, and should submit their sites to the appropriate category in the Locality where they are located. To find the proper category for your location, begin here.

Stores that offer both types of shopping may submit to both categories.
This category contains sites that focus on allowing the consumer to buy maps over the Web. These sites include information about maps, related products, prices, and ordering details.
Sites listed here will represent presses publishing in the English language, associated with universities around the world, and which have online sales of publications. Presses which do not have online sales belong in one of the subcategories of Business/Publishing_and_Printing/Publishing , and/or in the Regional/ category where they are physically located.
University presses are extensions of their parent institutions. They publish works of scholarly, intellectual, or creative merit in a variety of formats, especially books and journals. Their books frequently appeal to both scholars and general readers.
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