This category is for businesses offering digital services such as retouching, manipulation, and CD storage, which are available by online ordering.
Please do not submit digital equipment sites here. This category is for digital services, only.

All digital equipment sales sites should be submitted to Shopping/Photography/Digital.

Commercial photographers specializing in digital photography should submit their sites to Business/Industries/Arts_and_Entertainment/Photography/Photographers/Digital.

Thank you.

Film and photo scanning service providers in which the primary focus of the business is converting film and photos to computer image files.

Please submit photo and film scanning service providers who do business solely in the United Kingdom to Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Business_and_Economy/Shopping/Photography_and_Optics/Digital_Services

This category contains mainly sites whose primary focus is to allow consumers to select and obtain goods and services from their own home. Common examples include:

Integrated online shopping-cart systems that allow the user to order directly over the Web.
Systems that allow the user to generate an order form to be sent to the merchant via fax or snail-mail.
Simple directories of products and prices that the user can order via mail or phone.

The key is that the site contains three elements: (1) lists of products for sale, (2) prices and (3) information on how the consumer can obtain the product from their own home.