Fish are decorative pets, and may be saltwater or freshwater species.
Sites listed here offer online sales of fish and fish-related products such as food, aquariums and accessories.

Importers and vendors featuring online sales of fish should submit to the appropriate category under Shopping: Pets: Fish: Livestock.

Sites selling live fish for commercial enterprises are listed in Aquaculture.

Sites offering fish-related items for people should be submitted to Theme Merchandise.

Sites about the hobby of fishkeeping should be submitted to Recreation/Pets/Fish_and_Aquaria.

This category is for sites selling all types of fish food, including, but not limited to, live feeds, fresh and salt water feeds, feeds for aquariums, ponds, and feeds for aquacultural use. Wholesalers and retailers sites are listed here.
Manufacturers should be submitted to Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Pet Supplies.

Please only submit sites that offer fish foods as their primary product line. For example, if the site you want to submit sells products like pumps, liners, filters, AND fish food, you should submit to: Shopping: Home and Garden: Water Gardens or a similar category. If you offer in-store sales, you may wish to submit to a regional area.

The following category is reserved for sites selling living organism for both freshwater and saltwater environments. Thank you for your contributions to the ODP.
Please submit any sites regarding supplies to Fish: Supplies.

Please submit any sites regarding saltwater only to Fish: Livestock: Saltwater.

Please submit any sites regarding freshwater only to Fish: Livestock: Freshwater.

This category contains all the products that goes with an aquarium from aquariums, filters and pumps through decorations and plants to water treatment, additives and the like.