Birds kept as pets include doves, pigeons, softbills, finches, canaries and all the parrot species. Poultry and wild birds are not considered as pets.
Sites listed here will offer online sales of products for pet birds. Sites offering birds for sale are listed in Bird Breeders.

The following will not be listed here :
Products for wild birds, such as birdhouses and feeders, should be submitted here instead, and poultry equipment and supplies are listed in Poultry.

Bird-related accessories which may include leashes, avian fashions, playpens, birdgyms, perches, supplements, breeding supplies, nest boxes, cage covers, lighting supplies, carriers, and other misc. bird supplies.
Please submit sites selling directly to consumers.

Wholesalers and manufacturers are listed here instead.

Food for pet birds includes their regular diet as well as supplements and any treats used for training or amusement.
Sites listed here will offer online sales to consumers, with a primary focus on food for parrots, pigeons, doves, finches and other pet birds.

Sites selling food for wild birds are listed here instead. Manufacturers and wholesalers are listed here.

Sites focusing on the online sales of products for pigeons and on pigeon and pigeon-related auctions.