Online stores offering pet supplies, pet-themed merchandise, small pets are listed in this branch.
Please submit based on the store''s offerings:
Birds kept as pets include doves, pigeons, softbills, finches, canaries and all the parrot species. Poultry and wild birds are not considered as pets.
Sites listed here will offer online sales of products for pet birds. Sites offering birds for sale are listed in Bird Breeders.

The following will not be listed here :
Products for wild birds, such as birdhouses and feeders, should be submitted here instead, and poultry equipment and supplies are listed in Poultry.

Breeders and dealers of multiple types of pets.
For breeders of multiple species, if a single-species or group category exists, the site should be submitted to the more specific category.
Links to geographic categories of pet supply retailers.
Many manufacturers and retailers limit their product range to those for cats and dogs, these being the most common type of pet.
Sites that only sell feeding accessories, such as elevated food and water stands, should be submitted to Shopping: Pets: Cats and Dogs: Feeding Accessories.

Sites that only sell mobility aids, such as ramps and steps, should be submitted to Shopping: Pets: Supplies: Mobility Aids.

Fish are decorative pets, and may be saltwater or freshwater species.
Sites listed here offer online sales of fish and fish-related products such as food, aquariums and accessories.

Importers and vendors featuring online sales of fish should submit to the appropriate category under Shopping: Pets: Fish: Livestock.

Sites selling live fish for commercial enterprises are listed in Aquaculture.

Sites offering fish-related items for people should be submitted to Theme Merchandise.

Sites about the hobby of fishkeeping should be submitted to Recreation/Pets/Fish_and_Aquaria.

Identification services and products for all pets.
Sites selling microchips and related products that are not sold online should be submitted to Business: Healthcare: Animal Health: Veterinary: Microchip Identification.

Sites offering free services that help in identifying pets and locating lost pets should be submitted to Recreation: Pets: Lost and Found.

Covering sites offering products for you when you have lost your dear pet.
Only submit sites to this level if they concern breeders and dealers selling more than one species.
Online stores specializing in products for small animals, such as ferrets, sugar gliders, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, rats, and mice.
Single-species breeders should be submitted to that animals category.
Software packages may be used by pet owners, breeders, trainers, sitters or commercial enterprises to increase productivity and/or improve organisation.
Sites listed here will offer online sales of pet-related software.

Games must be submitted here instead.

Online stores specializing in supplies for multiple kinds of pets.
Online stores are listed based on products for sale. The following stores will not be listed in this category:
Many pet owners buy items for themselves which reflect their feelings for their pets. These products may have the name or image of a breed, or be made in the shape of a particular animal.
Sites listed here will focus on pet-related items for people rather than for the animals themselves.

Such products include hats, mugs, belts and ornaments, but please use one of the following categories instead, if your site sells jewelry, T-shirts, greeting cards, pet portraits, visual arts ( paintings, photography and sculpture ) or gift baskets.