Niche shopping meets needs that are defined by who we are -- shopping for our lifestyles, our particular personal needs, or our philosophies of life.
This category includes links to a diverse variety of categories in other parts of the directory. As a result, it may take a very long time for a site to be listed if it is submitted to the main Shopping:Niche category. Submit to the lowest category level where your site fits.
Listing of on-line and mail order shopping sites for a mix of body art items; includes piercing supplies, crystal body dots, liquid latex, body and face painting products as well as others. Sub categories exist for companies that SPECIALIZE in Tattoo related items, Temporary Tattoos, Flash, Mehndi, and Body Piercing Jewelry.
Submission should be made here if your site carries a mix of body art products (more than one type of body art; such as tattoo AND piercing items or tattoo and henna items, etc.) or there is no specific sub-category for your bodyart merchandise.

If your site specializes, for example, in only tattoo merchandise or only piercing merchandise please submit your site in one of the various "Shopping" sub-categories.

A Web directory of resources related to shopping, business, classifieds, and commerce for the worldwide community of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and queers.
Please submit sites selling adult items to the Adult: Shopping category. Sites that are submitted to this category selling such items will not be accepted.
Merchants catering to the gothic community or carrying items of interest to goths.
Green living is a lifestyle that values life in harmony with the natural environment, promoting ecological sustainability.
This category is for websites selling a variety of "green living" products. For websites selling a specific product, please instead use the links we have provided to those categories.
Online shopping outlets offering a variety of products for the hip-hop culture.
Submissions to this category should be online shopping outlets offering a variety of products. Specialized stores should submit the appropriate category.
For sites selling items of interest to the "Hippie" culture.
Products designed for left-handed people, from scissors to golf clubs. Most of the listed web sites offer on-line ordering.
Sites selling military-related items to the general public. Examples include t-shirts, hats, patches, posters, and mugs.
This category is for sites selling items which do not fall into the realm of surplus or antiques. Surplus sites should go to Shopping/Niche/Military/Surplus/. Antiques should go to Shopping/Antiques_and_Collectibles/Militaria/.


Modernists or Mods is a sub-culture with 60s British influences. This category is specialized to contain list of shopping sites that carry only exclusive mod items.
Any submissions are welcome, as long as they pertain to the British Mod movement items only, or the majority of what they sell are British Mod items.
Thematic sites about specific occupations may be submitted to this category.
Sites which offer politics -themed merchandise for sale.
Products and services which appeal to ravers.
Products and Services to assist CD, MtF & FtM transformations, as well as information, products & Services of interest to the Tranny Community in general.
vampire-related product and services sites
A vegan is one who eats no animal food or dairy products, and also might not use any products from animals such as leather or animal-fatted soaps.
This category is for shopping sites catering to vegans. Please be certain that you have read the submission guidelines found at Shopping.