This category is for pool and spa sellers with online shopping, as described here. Sites must provide prices on the website.

Sites that are simply an internet presence for a local store or builder should not submit here; rather, find the appropriate Regional category.

Manufacturers should submit to the manufacturers category.

Please note: Failure to follow the above guidelines may result in the website being deleted without review, or may cause an extremely lengthy delay in its review.

This category is for sites that ONLY sell spa covers. Prices must be listed on the website.

Sites for manufacturers or wholesalers that sell to other businesses should be submitted to Business/Consumer_Goods_and_Services/Home_and_Garden/Lawn_and_Garden/Pools_and_Spas/Covers.
Local retailers should submit sites to the appropriate locality in the Regional branch.

We are currently not accepting submissions to this category. Please submit websites either to Shopping/Home_and_Garden/Swimming_Pools_and_Spas or Shopping/Home_and_Garden/Swimming_Pools_and_Spas/Supplies_and_Accessories.

Manufacturers'' websites should be submitted to Business/Consumer_Goods_and_Services/Home_and_Garden/Lawn_and_Garden/Pools_and_Spas.

To be listed here, businesses must provide product prices, and must ship across a wide area.

Websites about sauna manufacturers with no online sales should be submitted to Business/Construction_and_Maintenance/Materials_and_Supplies/Specialties/Climate_Controlled_Rooms.

Websites with local sales only should be submitted to the appropriate locality in the Regional branch.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the site being deleted or significantly delayed in its review.

To be listed in this category your site MUST have some method of remote shopping (online, phone, fax, mail order). If not, please find the correct regional category (most likely the locality where you are located) to submit to. If you sell only pool, hot tub, and/or spa chemicals, please submit your site to the Chemicals category. Sites offering only a single item, or no unique or original content, may not be accepted.