Patio is an outdoor area adjoining a dwelling used for recreation or dining, and may be paved.
For products that would be used in a patio setting. Please submit the website listing to the one most specific category.

For sites that ship products only within the United Kingdom, please go to Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Business_and_Economy/Shopping/Home_and_Garden/Gardens/Patio.

An awning is a cover extending over or in front of decks, doors or windows, used to provide shade and shelter.
Help us help you. Follow these guidelines and the delay in reviewing your site is much shorter, and increases the likelihood of the site being listed.

To be listed in this category, the website must offer online sales to the public, and shipping must be provided across a wide area. See the Shopping description for further information.

If the website doesn''t fit the above definition then:
If the website is about the manufacture of awnings, it should be submitted to Business/Construction_and_Maintenance/Materials_and_Supplies/Doors_and_Windows/Awnings/.

If the website provides large tents or canvas structures used by the entertainment industry, it should be submitted to Business/Industries/Arts_and_Entertainment/Equipment/Staging/Tents_and_Canvas_Structures.

If the website sells enclosures for swimming pools or spas, it should be submitted to Shopping/Home_and_Garden/Swimming_Pools_and_Spas/Domes_and_Enclosures/.

If the website is about a business with only local sales or rentals, it should be submitted to the locality where the business is based, in the Regional branch.

Patio, pool, deck, and garden furniture. In general, outdoor furniture and accessories
Please submit sites that primarily sell what is generally recognized as Adirondack style outdoor furniture.
A hanging, swinging seat or bed usually made of netting or canvas, suspended between two trees or other supports. Also known as hamacas.
Sites that primarily or exclusively sell hammocks should be submitted here. Please read the Shopping description before making a submission.