Disability products sold online directly to consumers.
Disability products sold online directly to consumers.

Please do not submit individual companies to this level, unless there is no suitable subcategory. Also do a keyword search before submitting as there are other categories for medical equipment and supplies.

Before submitting your listing, please first review the Shopping Guidelines and the Shopping FAQ, since these pages apply to all listings in Shopping.


Accessories and novelties having a theme related to disabilities.

Submit sites offering decorative wheelchair or scooter covers, equipment covers, or any variety of disabilities theme or awareness cards, posters, tee-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.

Sites offering a broader range of products should be submitted at Shopping/Health or a more appropriate sub-category thereunder.

All sites submitted in Shopping/Heath/ must provide means for the general public to purchase product online, i.e. a "shopping basket", order form, or telephone order hot line.

For general information on what belongs and what is not permitted in Shopping, see the Shopping FAQ and the Shopping Description.

What is Assistive Technology?

  • Assistive or Adaptive Technology (AT) commonly refers to products, devices or equipment, whether acquired commercially, modified or customized, that are used to maintain, increase or improve the functional capacities of individuals with disabilities.

  • Assistive Technology products can assist people with disabilities with daily living tasks, communication, education, work, and recreation, and help them achieve independence or improve the quality of their life. For example, Assistive Technology devices can help prevent the worsening of a condition, help improve physical functioning, strengthen a physical or other weakness, help improve a person's capacity to learn, or replace a missing limb.

  • Assistive Technology services support people with disabilities or their caregivers to help them select, acquire, or use adaptive devices. Such services also include functional evaluations, training on or demonstration of devices, and purchasing or leasing devices.

This category is for commercial sites selling Assistive Technology products directly to consumers. Sites must contain product pricing (or a means of obtaining pricing information) as well as a means of ordering.

Sites selling videos by and about disabled people.
Sites selling videos relating to disabled persons.