A basket or other container filled with items intended as a gift. In some areas, gift baskets are referred to as hampers.
This category lists sites that offer a variety of gift baskets.

If the business sells a variety of giftwares and gift baskets are just a part of it, please submit it to Shopping: Varied Merchandise

If the site offers exclusively food-related gift baskets, please submit it to Shopping: Food: Gifts: Baskets

Baskets that contain gifts for a baby, the parents of newborns or for baby showers.
Baskets that are mainly made up of: Personal care items such as soap, fragrances or grooming aids, or Items for pampering oneself, such as candles and aromatherapy.
This category is for sites primarily selling gift baskets composed of books, video tapes, audio tapes, and/or CDs.
Baskets that are filled with items specific to a geographical area (such as items about New York City) or cultural group (such as Cajun products). The future breakdown of this cat, only as needed, should follow the Shopping/Ethnic_and_Regional scheme. @links should be placed from Shopping/E&R leading to the gift baskets cats, and a "see also" link should be placed from the baskets cat, leading to Sh/E&R.
Baskets filled with items intended for animals or for families with a pet.