Online food shopping web sites that sell more soups, stews, chilis, gumbos, etc. than any other type of product.
This category lists online food shopping Web sites that sell more soups, stews, gumbos, chilis, etc. than any other type of food product. These companies must sell nationally in the USA or internationally. Complete Contact information for the company is a bonus.

Example: The Web site sells ten types of dried soup mixes, a hot and a mild chili mix, 5 dessert mixes, and two types of fruit preserves in differing sizes. It should be submitted here, because ''most'' of the items are soups and chilis.

Please fill in the Title blank with the name of your company or Web site. No superlatives or other words. Do not submit a Title in all caps.

Please fill in the Description box with an accurate description of your products. No sales pitches, please. Descriptions should ideally be 25 words or less.

Do not use characters such as: ! or & in your Title or Description.

Do not use "and more", "we", "our" in your Description.