If a particular type of snack food is the main item sold, find the corresponding sub-category here and submit the listing there. If the site sells all sorts of snacks without focusing on one particular type, submit the listing to this category.
This category is for sites that primarily or exclusively sell popcorn to the public, whether it is in the form of kernels or already popped.
Also known as chicharrones and cracklin'. The pork rind is deep fried and becomes light and crispy.
Sites that mainly or only sell pork rinds should be submitted to this category.
Pretzels are a baked dough, that can be crisp or soft, and may be sprinkled with salt.
This category is for websites that primarily or exclusively sell pretzels, hard and soft varieties.

Websites that sell candy or chocolate-covered pretzels should be submitted to Shopping/Food/Confectionery instead.