Category includes sites with English language content about online sales for ethnic Spanish cuisine, such as packaged meals, baking products, meats, fruits, vegetables, condiments, jams, candy, and deserts.
English language sites offering Spanish food specialties for sale online and directly to customers are listed in this category.

These can include canned, frozen or dry packaged foods that have a Spanish style flavor.

Spanish language sites with no English content that are selling ethnic Spanish foods should be submitted to World/Espa%c3%b1ol/Compras/Alimentos_y_bebidas/.

Pages that offer Spanish cuisine recipes should be submitted to Home/Cooking/World_Cuisines/European/Spanish/.

Sites that offer foods from various countries within Europe should be submitted to Shopping/Food/Ethnic_and_Regional/European.

Pages about food production or trade businesses that deal with directly with other businesses should be submitted to the best fit subcategory in Business/Food_and_Related_Products/,