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Sites that mainly or only sell foods of African regions or ethnic origins belong here. It is not necessary that the business be located in Africa, only that they sell African foods.

Sites that sell African-American foods should be submitted to Shopping/Food/Ethnic_and_Regional/North_American or one of its sub-categories.

This category lists sites that specialize in selling foods of African regions or ethnic origins.
Non English language sites should be submitted to the appropriate World category.

more information (editors only)

Listing sites that sell mainly Asian foods online.
Before submitting your listing, please first review the Shopping Guidelines and the Shopping FAQ, since these pages pertain to all listings in Shopping.

If your site is not in English, please submit it under the proper language category of World.

In your description, include the country or region, and the types of products.

Sites that specialize in selling foods, beverages, and condiments of countries of the Caribbean.
Included in this category are English language webpages that sell original European cuisine directly to the customer by way of online catalog, email or some other online communication.

The delivery area should be substantial to be included here. Online shopping sites that deal with food products that have a delivery area smaller than a country should be listed in the best corresponding nation, region, province, state or city in Regional.

Foreign language webpages should be submitted to the best subcategory in World.

Webpages that sell more non-food items online than food dishes should be submitted to the best fit category in Shopping.

This category includes pages about ethnic foods sold online and directly to the customer, which specialize in traditional European cuisine made in Europe or elsewhere.
Sites that have online shopping for halal food products. Halal is an Arabic word which means "lawful, permitted or acceptable." Halal foods are those foods that Muslims are permitted to eat.
Please submit pages for Kosher foods within your site if the site itself is not specifically or completely Kosher Foods. If site is in a language other than English, please submit it to the appropriate World Category.

Thank you for your interest in DMOZ Open Directory Project

If you have question please contact the editor of this category by using the feedback form.

Category specifically for Kosher foods and suppliers of same, selling online.
Listing sites that offer Latin American foods for sale online.

This category is NOT for restaurants. Please submit restaurant websites to the appropriate locality in the Regional branch.

Spanish language sites selling foods should be submitted to (Si el Web site no está en inglés sométalo por favor a:)World: Español: Compras: Alimentos y bebidas or the appropriate World: Español Regional category.
Portuguese language sites selling foods should be submitted to (Se o Web site não estiver em inglês submeta-o a:) World: Português: Compras.

Please note that Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Dominican products should be suggested under Caribbean.

There is currently no description created for this category.
Non English language sites should be submitted to the appropriate World category.
Listing sites that sell predominantly Middle Eastern foods.
Sites that primarily sell Cajun or Creole foods should be submitted here.
Sites that sell Cajun or Creole spices should be submitted to Shopping/Food/Seasonings/Cajun_and_Creole.
Sites that sell a variety of Cajun or Creole items including non-food items should be submitted to Shopping/Ethnic_and_Regional/North_America/Cajun_and_Creole.
Category for sites selling foods specific to North America (Canada, United States or Mexico) online.
Listing sites that specialise in selling Australian and New Zealand foods online.

more information (editors only)

There is currently no description created for this category.
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