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Sites that mainly sell brittle or (American style) pralines should be submitted to this category.

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American-style pralines are usually made with pecans, sugar, butter and cream. They generally have a chewy texture. Brittles are made with nuts and caramelized sugar. Brittle has a hard texture.
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Sites selling confections made mainly of sugar online.
This category is reserved for websites primarily or only selling candy apples.
Whole apples that are coated with a confection such as caramel, syrup or chocolate, and sometimes topped with nuts or small candies. They are also known as caramel apples or candied apples.
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Submit sites to the most specific category.

Listing sites that sell dessert confections of various kinds online.
Please follow these simple guidelines; failure to follow them will delay the review of the website.
This category is only for sites with online sales to the consumer.

Manufacturers'' sites should be submitted to Business/Food_and_Related_Products/Dairy/Ice_Cream.

Local ice cream shops or restaurants should be submitted to the appropriate locality in the Regional branch.

There is currently no description created for this category.
Sites that mainly or only sell fudge should be submitted here.
Fudge is a semi-soft candy made from sugar, milk, butter, flavoring and sometimes, nuts. The most common flavoring is chocolate.
Sites that only or primarily sell toffee or taffy should be suggested to this category.
Taffy and toffee are candies made with boiled sugar or molasses. Usually, toffee is hard, whereas taffee is stretched and becomes more chewy.
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