Online beer retail shops.
Only retailers that sell their beer online should be submitted here.

Import/export, distribution, and marketing companies should be suggested to Business: Food and Related Products: Beverages: Beer.

Sites that sell both coffee and tea should be submitted to this category.

Sites that sell *only* coffee should be submitted into the coffee sub-category. Sites that sell *only* tea should be submitted into the tea sub-category.

This category is for sites selling equipment for use in making beer or wine at home.

more information (editors only)

Juice is the edible fluid extracted from produce (fruits and vegetables).
This category is reserved for sites with online sales of juices and beverages primarily made from fruit or vegetable juice.

Sites relating to the business of juice making that don''t offer online sales should be suggested to Business/Food_and_Related_Products/Produce/Juice.

Sites for making juice, or recipes using juice, should be suggested under Home/Cooking/Beverages.

Sites for juices consumed for a specific health benefit, beyond the general benefits of fruit and vegetable products, should be suggested under Shopping/Food/Health_Food/Juice.

This category is for sites with online sales (see guidelines for definition) of alcoholic beverages.

Please note that there are separate categories for sites selling beer or wine.

This area lists on-line retailers selling wine over a wide geographic area. Please see subcategories for specific types of wine selections.
Before submitting your listing, please first review the Shopping Guidelines and the Shopping FAQ, since these pages pertain to all listings in Shopping.

Individual winery websites, which may sell online but whose focus is more informational, should be submitted to the appropriate category in Recreation: Food: Drink: Wine. Wine merchants that do not sell online or deliver to a small area should be submitted to the Regional branch.