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Please submit only sites that primarily feature the sale of arranged artificial and silk flowers and related permanent botanical products.

Sites which primarily feature the sale of bouquets and designs for weddings are better submitted to Shopping/Flowers/Artificial_and_Silk/Arranged/Weddings/.

Sites which primarily feature the sale of wreaths and swags for home and office decor are better submitted to Shopping/Flowers/Artificial_and_Silk/Arranged/Wreaths_and_Swags.

There is currently no description created for this category.
Sites are categorized by primary focus.

Please review the subcategories and submit your site to the most appropriate one based on the types of materials and/or designs offered.

This category lists sites that primarily offer unarranged dried flowers and/or a substantial variety of both dried and preserved flowers using multiple drying techniques.

This category contains English language sites of florists categorized by regional location.

Submissions must be directed to the most appropriate regionally-organized sub-category and must substantially feature unique products and not just widely available arrangement images.

The location of the establishment should be easily found on the web site. Failing to have proper location identifying information on the site may greatly increase the time to be listed in the appropriate category.

Please read the Shopping FAQ for additional requirements in this branch.

No submissions will be accepted to the Top:Shopping:Flowers:Florists main index.

A florist is an establishment primarily engaged in the preparation and delivery of fresh-cut flower arrangements.
Submissions are not accepted in this category.

Sites which focus on the sale of live flowering plants to consumers are primarily listed in Shopping/Home_and_Garden/Plants/ or a sub-category.

Please follow the links and submit your site based on its primary focus.

This category provides links to retailers of flowering plants.
Please submit only sites of companies that primarily provide boxed cut flowers and foliages for next-day or common carrier shipment.

Sites of full-services flower shops should be submitted to a proper sub-category of Shopping/Flowers/Florists and/or the most appropriate Regional, category by locality.

This category contains sites that primarily market fresh cut flowers which are boxed and shipped by common carrier for delivery the next-day or later.
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