In this category are shopping sites selling a variety of products that are endemic to a geographic region or to an ethnic group.
Please refer to the Shopping description for a definition of what qualifies for placement in the Shopping branch.

Please take the time to find the most specific and appropriate category for your submission. Doing this will speed the review process.

Sites that are selling products relating to the people, culture, history and geography of any southern African country should be submitted here.
Those including Japanese goods but selling Asian items should be submitted to Shopping: Ethnic and Regional: Asian.

Companies and stores based in Japan should not be submitted here, but submitted to Regional: Asia: Japan: Business and Economy

This category is for shopping sites selling a variety of products that are endemic to the Caribbean.
Shopping sites whose physical location or service/operational area is the Caribbean may be listed under Regional/Caribbean.

Sites selling one type of merchandise go under, in a Caribbean subcategory if one exists.

Please see the Shopping FAQ for more information.

This category is for sites in the English language selling German products on-line. If the site is written only in the German language, please submit it to World: Deutsch: Einkaufen: Regionale Spezialit�ten.

Diese Kategorie ist nur f�r englischsprachige Sites mit einem Bezug zu Deutschland bestimmt. Bitte melden Sie deutschsprachige Sites nicht hier, sondern unter World: Deutsch, beziehungsweise, wenn sie speziell Deutschland betreffen, unter World: Deutsch: Einkaufen: Regionale Spezialit�ten.

Sites that are acceptable for submission to this category have to do with Shopping for products that are endemic to Israel. Please try to title and describe your site appropriately. Title should be: Name of Business. Description should be: a short list of items offered, and brief description of contents of your site. After submission please allow several weeks for review and possible listing. If you have questions about your site, or if and when it may be listed, please use the feedback form to contact the editor listed at the bottom of the category for assistance.

Sites in languages other than English should be submitted to the appropriate category in

North America consists of Canada, USA, and Mexico.
This category is only for websites selling products that are endemic to a geographic region or to an ethnic group of North America.

Please find the most specific category, to hasten the review of the site. In order to be listed here, the website must include product descriptions and prices and shipping must be provided across a wide area.

more information (editors only)

This category is only for websites selling products that are endemic to the geographic region of New Zealand, or to an ethnic group of that area.

If your site is specific to a certain subject and just happens to be located in New Zealand, another category may be more appropriate. The site should be listed in the one most specific category involving that subject. If products are being offered that are, for instance, specific to toys and not specific to New Zealand other than being manufactured there--then Shopping/Toys_and_Games would be the appropriate place for submission.

Sites located in New Zealand offering sales locally within that regional area may qualify for a regional listing and can submit to/Oceania/New_Zealand/Business_and_Economy/Shopping.