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Please only submit handwoven article to this section. If your web site is about yarns and fibres only submit to Exotic Fibres
Ready made items that have been handwoven - this may include wall hangers, apparel, bed spreads.

Please submit only sites containing finished products that are needlecrafted by hand of an individual crafter and do not fit in another more specific category. In order to be listed in this category, the site must represent an individual craftperson and his or her products.

Sites for supplies, including kits, for creating these items should be listed in Shopping: Crafts: Supplies: Fiber Arts: Needlework.

Additional information regarding site submissions for Shopping: Craft categories can be found under the Shopping: Craft category description.

This category contains the same restrictions as explained under the Shopping: Crafts category description and only includes websites with finished needlework by crafters for sale to the general public. All work MUST be done by the crafter selling the product for inclusion to this category.

For custom-made memory, photo-memory and T-shirt quilt services.

Supplies for making memory or T-shirt quilts should be submitted to Shopping: Crafts: Supplies: Fiber Arts: Quilting.

This category lists web sites that primarily offer finished, handcrafted quilts or hand-quilting services for sale to the general public. The quilts must be made by the crafter who offers them for sale. Craft malls are acceptable if the mall represents the individual crafter who made the quilt. Web sites that primarily offer finished, machine-made quilts or machine-quilting services for sale to the general public should be listed under Shopping: Crafts: Fiber Arts: Quilts: Machine Quilting. Quilts that are handcrafted, but are bought in quantity from crafters and then offered to the public for resale should be listed under Shopping/Home and Garden/Bedroom/Bedding/Comforters_and_Quilts. Malls that offer a variety of craft items created by individual artists/crafters for resale should be listed in Shopping/Crafts/Directories. Sites that offer quilting supplies for sale should be listed under Shopping/Crafts/Supplies/Fiber_Arts/Quilting. To allow us to add your site to the directory as quickly as possible, please select the appropriate category for your site, follow the guidelines listed above and read and follow the guidelines for the Shopping category.
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