Sites offering products geared toward children or parenting.
Please submit sites that deal with shopping items for children or for parents.

The major focus must be on children, be that products for children or products that parents use in relation to children. In addition, specialty categories are listed within this page using @links. For instance, sites offering only furniture should be submitted to Home and Garden/Furniture/Children, and sites listing only clothing must be submitted to Clothing/Children.

Sites within the UK and other countries are welcome to add their URL to this category. In order to be listed in this specific category, for businesses not located in the United States, a business must ship purchases to at least one country outside of their location. Sites only shipping within the United Kingdom, for instance, would be submitted to Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Business_and_Economy/Shopping/Children/.

Foreign language sites should be sent to the appropriate World/ category.
Shopping items related to babies, from birth to throughout the toddler years.
Please submit only shopping items that are related to babies or young children. Specific items, such as strollers, blankets, or furniture should be submitted to that area.

All clothing items are located under the Shopping/Clothing section of the Open Directory Project and will not be listed in this section if the majority of the site is dedicated to clothing items, including footwear and accessories.
Shopping items related to blankets and bedding designed for kids, teens, babies and toddlers.
Please submit only shopping items that are related to children. Blankets and bedding designed for babies and toddlers should be submitted to the subcategory of "Nursery".
Sites where the majority of the items offered are of an educational nature.
Please submit only sites where the majority of the items offered are of an educational nature. Please keep in mind, there are additional categories where a site may be better placed, such as toys and games, software, or books.
Home decor and furnishing items for children.
Sites submitted should allow online ordering featuring home decor and furnishing items in relation to children. Sites outside the US need to offer worldwide online ordering.

If the site being submitted only offers furniture, please submit to Shopping/Home and Garden/Furniture/Children.

Products purchased online geared toward children only.
Please submit sites that sell products and supplies online for childrens parties only. If your site sells products for children AND adults do not submit it here. Submit it to Recreation/Parties. This category is strictly limited to children.

Sites offering products and supplies available in a limited geographic area should be submitted in the appropriate state and locality where the products are available. Only sites offering products available to purchase online should be submitted here.

Personalized gifts for children.
Please submit only sites where the bulk of the items offered have the option of being personalized.
Category listing for children's recordings including audio books, music, and videos.
To be included in the main Shopping: Children: Recordings category your site must offer recordings for children in more than one form of media (CD, DVD, or downloadable content) and/or format (music, DVD/videos, audio books, chants, nursery rhymes, etc.). Not all sites will belong here simply because they deal with products for children.

Children''s DVD/Video entertainment should be submitted to Shopping/Entertainment/Recordings/Video/Children/.
This category is for retail sites that sell products geared toward children's safety.
If you sell to retailers only, please submit your site to the appropriate business category.
Products developed to assist in the process of toilet training young children.
Please submit sites pertaining to toilet/potty training young children to this category.
Internet stores/sites offering a wide assortment of merchandise geared toward children.
Please submit only sites to this category that deal with a wide variety of merchandise. In order to be accepted to this category, the majority of the merchandise must be geared toward Children.

An example of a typical site belonging in this category would be a site containing an assortment of items such as: music, outdoor play, toys, and clothing.