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This category deals with Coin dealers who specialize primarily in Ancient or Classical coins.
This category lists with sites which primarily conduct auctions of coins and other numismatic material either online or offline.
This category lists coin dealers who specialize mainly in coins that have been certified by a third party grading service, as opposed to raw or uncertified coins. The coins are encapsulated in plastic holders with a certified grade. The grading services provide a grade using a numerical and letter grading scale with p-1 the lowest and MS70 the highest. P=poor and MS= mint state. Additional information may be included as to special characteristics, ie error variates, "Full Bands" for Liberty Head dimes, "Full lines" for Franklin halves, etc. These coins are referred to as "slabbed", "slabs" or "certified".
This category lists coin dealers who specialize in Gold coins and bullion.
Please submit only those sites which are coins grading and encapsulating companies.
Listed in this category are companies which for a price; grade, and encapsulate coins or currency.
Acceptable sites should contain original content pertaining to the minting or manufacturing of coins, medals, and tokens that would be useful or of interest to collectors.
This category is about Manufacturers of coins and medals. Private mints are listed in this category, while Official or Government mints are listed in the main category.
This category lists Coin Dealers who specialize in coin collecting supplies for both the collector (reail) and dealers (wholesale). Category includes site which specialize in a single type of merchandise, i.e 50 statres Quarter Maps, and sites which sell a wide variety of merchandise for coin collectors.
The title should be the correct site title as it appears on the site and shall not include keywording, ALL CAPS or !!! points.

The descriptions should include information about the site without any marketing hype, excessive keywording, pronouns, ALL CAPS, or !!! points.

Generally sites are only listed once. Continual submission of a site is not necessary. Submit any changes of the URL when they occur. Descriptions of listed sites are subject to change by the editors. Requests for change of description will be reviewed and if the new information is appropriate, the changes will be made.

This category lists coin dealers who sell coins from all over the world or specialize in a particular country . These sites may also lead to an internal page of a dealer who has a large variety of world coins available.
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