This category is for dealers specializing in advertising collectibles. This includes both items of considerable age and brand new items which are produced for the primary purpose of collecting. New items whose primary purpose is something other than being collected are listed in other topical areas of the Shopping branch, unless there is a separate collectible market for the items. Also included in this category are sites which sell services or supplies to the collecting community. Please see Recreation: Antiques and Recreation: Collecting for informational sites about these subjects.
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Vendors of reproduction or original vintage gas and oil collectibles and parts for restoring old gas pumps
Submit sites here that are primarily about shopping for gas and oil collectibles
Trade cards are paper items given away as a promotional device with another product such as cigarettes or tea. In the United States these cards were often given away by the merchant selling the item, while in Europe the cards were typically packaged with the item being sold. Cards may have been created as either a single card or as part of a set to be collected.
Please submit sites which focus on retail sales to this category. Sites about collections or the process of collecting should be submitted to the related Recreation: Collecting: Advertising: Trade Cards category.