This category is for listing sites about individual builders and designers who have made significant contributions in the field of bridge construction and design.
American civil engineer born in Switzerland. Main structures include Hell Gate, George Washington, Verrazano-Narrows and San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Born 1879 Died 1965
Scottish Engineer and Railway Contractor. Contractor responsible for building the Forth Rail Bridge in 1890 and the replacement Tay Rail Bridge in 1887. Born: 1839 Died: 1913
British Engineer Main structures Firth of Forth Bridge and Asswan Dam on the Nile Born: 1840 Died: 1907
American Engineer and architect. Designed and supervised the building of the first suspension bridge built in Maine erected in 1852-53 over the Carrabassett River in Kingfield. Born: 1810 Died: 1889
American Civil Engineer. Main structures: 145th Street Bridge, Macombs Dam Bridge and University Heights Bridge. Born: 1840 Died: 1912
American Bridge Design Engineer. Patented his unique suspension truss form in 1852. Born: 1814 Died: 1884
Scottish engineer. Projects included the ill fated Tay Bridge. Born: 1822 Died: 1890
Australian Civil Engineer. Structures include: The Cataract and Burrinjuck Dams, Sydney Underground Railways, and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Born: 1867 Died: 1943
Portuguese Bridge Engineer. Structures include Arrábida Bridge and São João Bridge. Born: 1913 Died: 2000
American bridge engineer. Structures include the Quebec Bridge. Born: 1840 Died: 1912
French Architect and Bridge Designer. Structures include: Benjamin Franklin Bridge, University Avenue Bridge, Wissahickon Memorial Bridge, and Tacony Palmyra Bridge. Born: 1876 Died; 1945
English Engineer and Millwright. Designed and installed various iron bridges. Patented what became the standard design for self-regulating windmill sails and invented the prison treadwheel. Born: 1785 Died: 1861
English Engineer Built the first iron bridge. Born: 1750 Died: 1791
English Engineer. Designed suspension bridges using his patented taper principle. The Bridge of Oich at the South end of Loch Ness is one of the few remaining examples.
American Bridge Engineer. Famous for the construction of the Eads Bridge which spans the Mississippi River at Saint Louis, Missouri (USA). Born: 1820 Died: 1889
French Structural Engineer Specialized in metal structural work. Structures include; The Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Bordeaux Railroad Bridge, Garabit Viaduct, Giza Zoo Suspension Bridge, Maria Pia Bridge,Venaco-Vivario Viaduct. Born: 1832 Died: 1923
American Civil Engineer Constructed the world's first long-span wire-cable suspension bridge suspension bridge across the Shuylkill River at Fairmont, Pennsylvania. Born: 1810 Died: 1862
American Bridge Engineer. Structures include: Natchez Trace Parkway Arches, Sagadahoc Bridge, Seven Mile Bridge, Sunshine Skyway (1987). Born: 1936 Died: 2002
German-born American railroad engineer. Inventor of the Fink truss, used to support bridges and the roofs of buildings. Born: 1827 Died: 1897
American Civil Engineer Structures include the Jacob's Creek Bridge Born: 1756 Died: 1828
English Engineer. Built several large bridges including bridges over the Medway at Rochester, over the Thames at Barnes, Richmond, and Staines, over the Shannon, over the Saone, and over the Newark Dyke. Born: 1810 Died: 1874
Formed in 1867 as rivals to the St. Louis and Illinois Bridge Company for the construction of a bridge spanning the Mississippi River to connect East St. Louis with St. Louis.
Formed in 1865 by Andrew Carnegie.
Scottish stonemason and subsequent bridge engineer. Emigrated to Australia in 1832. Early builder of bridges in Australia. The Lennox bridge located in the Blue Mountains, built in 1832, is the oldest surviving bridge on the Australian mainland. Born: 1788 Died: 1873
German Bridge Engineer. Structures include: The Dusseldorf "family" of cable-stayed bridges, the Stuttgart television transmission tower and the roof of the Olympic Stadium in Munich. Born: 1909 Died: 1999
American civil engineer. Structures include Hell Gate Bridge, Queensboro Bridge, and Smithfield Street Bridge. Born: 1850 Died: 1935
Swiss Bridge Design Engineer. Worked on three-hinged, reinforced concrete arch bridges in the Swiss Alps, including the bridge over the Inn at Zuoz (1901) and the Schwandbach Bridge at Schwarzenburg (1933). Born: 1872 died: 1940
American Bridge Engineer and Designer. Responsible for building many reinforced-concrete arch, large-span bridges in Oregon. Between 1935 and 1937, he also designed three short-span suspension bridges and a dozen other structures for the Inter-American Highway route through Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, and other Central American republics. Born: 1887 Died: 1946
Bridge Engineer. Structures include: Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Broadway Bridge (1913), Mid-Hudson Bridge, and Rock Island Bridge. Born: 1861 Died: 1940
Australian Civil Engineer. One of Australia's foremost experts in reinforced concrete bridges, railways and other large construction projects. Born: 1865 Died: 1931
American Bridge Enginner. Built many iron bridges foe the Erie Railway across the Missouri river. Born: 1842 Died: 1903
American bridge builder. Believed to be the first American bridge builder to advocate roofing bridges. Born: 1751 Died: 1821
French Bridge Engineer. Structures include Pont de la Concorde (1791), Nemours Bridge (1804) and Neuilly Bridge (1774). Born: 1708 Died: 1794
Scottish Civil Engineer. Principal bridges are those of Kelso, Leeds, Musselburgh, Newton-Stewart, Boston, London and New Galloway. Born: 1761 Died: 1821
American Bridge Engineer. Structures include: Brooklyn Bridge, Cincinnati-Covington Bridge, Delaware Aqueduct, Niagara Falls Bridge (1854) Pennsylvania Canal Allegheny Aqueduct (1845) and Waco Suspension Bridge. Born: 1806 Died: 1869
American Bridge Designer. Structures include: Carquinez Strait Bridge (1927), Deer Isle Bridge, Grand Mère Suspension Bridge, Hell Gate Bridge, Henry Hudson Bridge, Mackinac Straits Bridge, and Wellesley Island Suspension Bridge. Born: 1887 Died: 1960
American Bridge Designer. Specialized in the design of moving bridgers. Designed the Golden Gate Bridge. Born: 1870 Died: 1938
American Architect and Bridge Builder Patented a truss bridge in 1820. Born: 1784 Died: 1844
American Civil Engineer. Structures include the Howard St. Bridge in Akron, the Lorain-Carnegie and Main Avevenue bridges in Cleveland, and the bascule bridge in Lorain. Born: 1871 Died: 1939
American Civil Engineer. Developed the first scientifically based rules for bridge construction. Born: 1804 Died: 1888