The science and technology of the study and exploration of space.
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This category is for the technologies needed to move humanity into space and the organizations dedicated to that goal.
Space colonization is the process through which we become a true space -aring civilization by placing self sustaining colonies in space or on other worlds.
Sites relevant to K-12 students seeking good sites to learn more about astronauts, the solar system, and many more space topics-- sites that are not too scientifically technical for pre-college age users, sites that K-12 students and teachers will access as relevant for K-12 classroom and non-classroom use. Sites related to data collection by space probes or space telescopes, without which space exploration is impossible.
Images about space exploration.
Astronomical images go to Astronomical Images and related categories.
About all aspects of the International Space Station, with the exception of educational sites (found under /Science/Technology/Space/Education). The category is intended for both space professionals and laymen alike.
Launch Vehicles are used to deploy objects like artificial satellites, manned spacecraft and scientific probes into space.
Please submit only sites dealing with launch vehicles in a scientific perspective - those giving facts about current space launch vehicles or information about methods to launch to space.

Sites of companies that manufacture launch vehicles or provide space launch services should be listed under Business/Aerospace_and_ Defense/Space/Launch.

Missions in space.
Sites belonging to NASA or sponsored by NASA. If a site is not directly NASA initiated or sponsored by NASA it belongs in another category.
1. The scope of this category is organisations in the space exploration domain that are affiliated, part of National Governments, or international governmental institutions. 2. Users will find links to space agencies and government representation in space exploration worldwide in this category. 3. The category is limited to government, or non-profit institutions operating on behalf of governmental authorities.
If the organisation is mixed peaceful/military space it belongs to the National Space Agencies. Only organisations dedicated to military space go in this category.
Sites for organizations, associations, clubs, forums and any other organized body of people in the Space domain. Business, education, national and military organizations are, however, in related categories.
The category is for sites that belongs to, or are about, the Mars Society.
Sites of individual space enthusiasts and professionals providing material of interest for space exploration and technology.
Sites with the purpose of selling space related items should be listed under Shopping.
Publications about space technology.
This category is for the space technology and satellite systems. Sites concerning receivers for users and similar should be submitted to the relevant categories.
This category is for webpages exclusively or primarily devoted to NASA's space shuttle program, the shuttles themselves, or the shuttle's purpose and role in the advancement of humanity. Please do not submit sites unrelated to the shuttle program.
Please submit only sites relevant for science and technology. News or memorial sites will be moved to suitable categories.