Tribology is the study of friction, wear and lubrication of interacting surfaces in relative motion. Tribological contacts can be found in all mechanisms, whether mechanical or biological. Friction gives rise to energy loss and wear gives rise to failure.
Please submit sites dealing with tribological research, the development and application of new materials to tribological problems, the development of test methods and the provision of apparatus for evaluating tribological contacts. Consultants engaged in the analysis of tribological contacts are also welcome, as are laboratories offering contract testing services.

Site submissions will be judged on scientific content, with preference given to organizations as opposed to individuals. Please note that personal web sites are unlikely to be accepted, in particular if they contain large amounts of personal data, pictures etc, that are of no scientific relevance.

Please do not submit sites offering commercial lubricants. These should more appropriately be listed under either Business: Industries: Manufacturing: Materials: Lubricants or Shopping: Vehicles: Parts and Accessories: Lubricants.