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This is a list of sites providing free VHDL or Verilog source models of electronic components.
Developers of electronic design automation and E-CAD software tools.
Please submit only sites for PCB design service providers. Sites which offer prototype quantities of boards, bundled with design services, are appropriate. Board manufacturers, assembly shops, and CAD software vendors are listed elsewhere in the directory.
Printed circuit board layout designers.
Please submit scientifically informative sites about the design of RF(radio frequency) and wireless devices such as for radios, cell phones, global positional systems, wireless computer peripherals and satellite broadcasting components.

Sites that focus on the science of communication signals and networks should be submitted to Science/Technology/Electrical_Engineering/Communications.

Commercial sites should not be listed here as a rule unless there is significant scientific information.

Sites concerned with the business to business sale of wireless telecommunications equipment should be submitted to Business/Telecommunications/Equipment/Wireless.

Sites that provide details about telecommunication providers should be submitted to Business/Telecommunications/Services/Wireless.

RF(radio frequency) and wireless technology is concerned with research development of equipment that allows communication between two remote points without any physical contact. The kinds of devices that apply here would include radios, cell phones, global position systems, wireless computer peripherals, and satellite broadcasting components.
Electronic design sites on Verilog, VHDL
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