This category contains links to research and state of the art technology in Image Processing. Image Processing is the computer manipulation of images. Some of the many algorithms used in image processing include convolution (on which many others are based), FFT, DCT, thinning (or skeletonisation), edge detection and contrast enhancement. These are usually implemented in software but may also use special purpose hardware for speed. Image processing contrasts with computer graphics, which is usually more concerned with the generation of artificial images, and visualisation, which attempts to understand (real-world) data by displaying it as an artificial image (e.g. a graph). Image processing is used in image recognition and computer vision. (source:
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The importance of this topic in medicine, industry, and even its application in educations (as some new sites highlights the application of edge detection in educating kids for example how to color edge images). Therefore, I suggest this category to include descriptive sites about this topic, the research done so far in edge detection, techniques , algorithms, ... etc.
It is preferable that the site Title includes the words edge detection or similar.