This category is for listing sites about individual engineers who have made significant contributions to the history of civil design and construction.
Born 1796 - Died 1849. Scottish civil engineer. Surveyed and built canals in Canada.
Born 1780 - Died 1838 American civil engineer. Built Fort Strong in Boston Harbor, and designed the Bunker Hill monument.
Born 1812 = Died 1902. British civil engineer. Designed St Pancras Station.
Born 1815 - Died 1882 American Military engineer.
Born 1819 – Died 1891 British civil engineer who designed the London sewer system.
Born 1806 - Died 1878 British civil engineer. Friend and professional partner of Robert Stephenson. Built railways and docks throughout Britain, and was involved in the construction of London's sewers.
Born 1909 - Died 2002 American structural engineer known as the father of earthquake engineering.
Born 1805 - Died 1870 British railway engineer. Built railways in Britain, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.
Born 1716 - Died 1772 British canal builder, who constructed the first English canal of major economic importance.
Born 1769 - Died 1849 French civil engineer. Worked in United States and built the first tunnel beneath the Thames in London.
Born 1779 - Died 1836 British military engineer. Renowned for the construction of the Rideau canal in Canada.
Born 1832 - Died 1910 Civil engineer and significant contributer to early flight. Born in France, was a naturalized American.
Born 1682 - Died 1756 French military engineer. King's engineer in New France.
Born 1813 – Died 1886 American civil engineer who designed and oversaw the construction of the first comprehensive sewer system in the United States.
Born 1882 - Died 1946. American civil engineer. Chief engineer for the Hoover dam.
Born 1789 - Died 1864 Civil engineer and railroad builder. Born in France spent most of his working life in the United States.
Born 1803 to Died 1858 French civil engineer. Developed Darcy's Law for flow in porous media. His Law is a foundation stone for several fields of study including ground-water hydrology, soil physics, and petroleum engineering.
Born 1805 - Died 1894 French canal engineer who built the Suez canal and commenced construction of the Panama canal.
Born 1733 - Died 1779 British surveying engineer responsible for the surveying of the Mason and Dixon Line between Maryland and Pennsylvania.
American civil engineer. Projects include the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad, and the Hoosac tunnel.
Born 1827 - Died 1915 Scottish born Canadian railway engineer.
Born 1765 - Died 1815 American Canal engineer.
Born 1816 - Died died 1868 Professor of civil engineering at Union College, New York.
Born 1825 - Died 1888 American Military engineer.
Born 1867 - Died 1932 Canadian military engineer. Supervised the construction of the railway across the African desert.
Born 1858- Died 1928 American canal engineer who acted as construction director for the Panama Canal.
Born 1844 - Died 1896. South African civil engineer. Renowned for his work on the London underground.
Born 1817 - Died 1905 American railroad engineer.
Born 1820 - Died 1860 American consulting engineer pioneer in the development of canals and railroads in the United States.
Born 1826 - Died 1863 American railroad engineer and surveyor.
Born 1821 - Died 1915. Canadian civil engineer. Renowned for the waterworks he built.
Born 1839 - Died 1896. Canadian civil engineer. Best remembered for, the Chignecto Ship Railway to haul ships of up to 5000 tons.
Born 1791 - Died 1830. Scottish civil engineer.
Born 1756 - Died 1836. Scottish engineer who invented the macadam road surface.
Born 1717 - Died 1810. British road builder also known as Blind Jack of Knaresborough.
Born 1832 - Died 1915. Canadian civil engineer and surveyor who played a significant role in the early exploration and development of British Columbia.
Born 1855 - Died 1935. Irish born American hydraulic engineer.
Born 1734 - Died 1811. Scottish architect and civil engineer. Works include Blackfriars bridge.
Born 1785 - Died 1836. French civil engineer. Specialist in road and bridge building. Better known today for the Navier-Stokes equations of fluid dynamics.
Born 1764 – Died 1805. British civil engineer. Specialised in canal construction.
Born 1842 - Died 1912. Irish hydraulic engineer.
Born 1857 - Died 1927. Canadian civil engineer. Designed the hydraulic lift locks on the Trent canal.
Born 1817 - Died 1899. Irish born Canadian railway Engineer.
Born 1724 - Died 1792. British structural engineer and founder of the civil engineering profession. Main works included canals and waterways, and the Eddystone lighthouse.
Born 1670 - Died 1750. Engineer of the worlds first commercial wet dock in Liverpool.
Born 1803 - Died 1859. British railway engineer, son of George Stephenson.
Born 1853 - Died 1943. American railway engineer and chief engineer of the Panama Canal.
Born 1830 - Died 1898. Prussian born mining engineer responsible for the Sutro Tunnel which drained and ventilated the many mines in the Comstock Lode. Also became mayor of San Francisco.
Born 1790 - Died 1834. American canal engineer whose works included the Erie canal. Also deemed to be the inventor of hydraulic cement.
Born 1770 - Died 1842. Known as the father of civil engineering in the United States. One of the three engineers to design and build the Erie Canal.