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History of a single model or type of aircraft.
Please submit only sites related to the history of airfields.
Submit only sites relating to the centennial itself. Sites about the Wright Brothers and their flight should go to Science/Technology/Aerospace/Aeronautics/History/People/Wright_Brothers.
Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first powered flight, 1903 - 2003.
Groups devoted to the study of some aspect of the history of aviation.
Please submit sites dealing with Dr. Eckener''s biography, position in history and historic events, dealings with airships and politics. Thanks.
People who have made a significant historical contribution to aeronautics or aviation.
Aircraft, pilots, and flying missions of World War One, also known as the Great War.
This category contains sites related to aviation during World War II (1939-1945).
There is currently no description created for this category.
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