This category covers the arts, sciences, and technology of aeronautics and astronautics.
1. Sites in languages other than English should be submitted to appropriate World category as listed under the heading "This category in other languages."

2. This category is intended to service aerospace technical professionals and academia. Any non-commercial or commercial sites that deal with aerospace technologies and that are of general use to this community of professionals are acceptable.

3. This category differs from the Science/Technology/Space category in that the latter will also include many sites of interest to amateur space enthusiasts and lay people. This category and the space category may duplicate some listings for the major resources (such as NASA), but the goal is to minimize this duplication and cross-reference where possible.

4. Sites relating to the natural world beyond the earth, and the instruments used to study it, should be submitted to Science/Astronomy.

5. Sites relating to the study of weather and atmospheric phenomena should be submitted to either Science/Earth_Sciences/Meteorology or Science/Earth_Sciences/Atmospheric_Physics.

This category deals with all things pertaining to the technology, theory, and science of aeronautics. Here you will find sites that describe the technical aspects of flying, aviation and aeronautics.
Please submit sites relating to the science and technology of Aerodynamics. Sites that market services and products should be listed under Business. Academic institutions and organizations the do not provide scientific and technical content should be listed under the appropriate Reference: Education: Colleges and Universities category.
This category is for new or futuristic concepts related to the aerospace sciences.