Psychometrics is the branch of psychology (or statistics) which is concerned with the mathematical and statistical theory of test construction and test use. Literally "measurement of the soul", psychometrics is concerned with mental measurement, often (but not invariably) through the use of questionnaires and tests. Questionnaires involve onself or another person reporting behaviour (e.g., 'I feel nervous alone in the dark' as part of a test of anxiety) whilst tests require the behaviour to be demonstrated (e.g., the meaning of 'prescient' is (a) anticipating the future, (b) hairy, (c) bog-like).

This category considers links to:

  • reviews of tests;
  • databases that help users find tests;
  • test publishers'' sites;
  • guidelines for the use of tests;
  • theoretical/statistical contributions;
  • software for test construction/evaluation/delivery;
  • books on psychometrics;
  • links to ONLY those theories/tests which show some basis in fact.