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Internet applications to psychology and related fields. Internet psychology is a growing branch of psychology where the effects of information technology and networked communities upon human behavior are investigated. Ideas such as reality awareness, interpersonal communication, child development and fantasy play are researched.
Please submit only organizations that relate to the academic study of social psychology.
Organizations that relate to the academic study of social psychology.
Kindly follow the formatting as found in the listings:

TITLE OF SITE should simply be: Lastname, Firstname X.

SITE DESCRIPTION should simply be a list of your research interests followed by (Your University, country)


Web sites of or by people conducting research or analysis in social psychology. Such people are usually in academic or research or institutional settings. They are expected to have authored publications in social psychology.
Please only submit sites concerned with persuasion and social influence inasmuch as they relate to social psychology.

This category is concerned with the social psychological study both of persuasion and of social influence. Psychogists working in these fields are interested in how social context affects the relationship between attitudes, beliefs, and behavior.

Topics related to persuasion include: attitude formation and measurement; attitude structure and organization; attitude-behavior consistency; source, audience, and message framing effects in persuasion; minority and majority group influence; and prejudice. Prominent researchers in this area include Ajzen, Asch, Cacioppo, Fazio, and Petty.

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