Sites for and about psychology students and teachers that do not fit elsewhere.
Sites relating to education and psychology, such as sites about preparing for, deciding on, or being in degree programs. Sites should be about psychology as a whole or in general, such as sites including the breath equivalent to an introductory course at a university.

Schools, graduate programs, classes, or sites about applying for them should go in Psychology/Academic Programs. Schools or education about a particular aspect, area, or type of psychology should go in the appropriate area. See also the descriptions for the subcategories.

There are many options for careers in psychology, though most of them involve getting an advanced degree. Sites in this category discuss career options give advice to undergraduate-level students.
This category is for general information about careers in psychology, including but not limited to advanced degrees. Sites about advanced degree programs themselves should go in Academic Programs.
Much of psychological research does not attempt to solve a particular problem or look at how people behave in a real-life situation. Nevertheless, that sort of research still has implications for people's lives. Students learn about this material in classes, but in much greater detail than the public needs or wants. Thus, this category is for those sites that attempt to educate the public about the implications of basic psychological research.
Sites concerned with the education of the public about psychological research outside a formal educational framework. Usually at a broader level than sites for students. Self-help sites should go in Health/Mental_Health/Self-Help . Sites about applied research (research which is about a particular situation or intended to solve a particular problem) should go in the appropriate category within Psychology.
For material intended to teach or help students review concepts for a introductory or multiple classes.
For interactive activities, revision notes, course lectures or syllabi, and textbook companion sites. Must cover material from more than one sub-area within Psychology (or else should be submitted to the appropriate sub-area). A course syllabus alone is not considered unique content. Syllabi must have content such as assignments, activities, lecture notes/slides, or links to be accepted.