Political philosophy, or philosophy of government, attempts to understand the functioning of civil society and civic participation through rational means.
Only sites of use to professionals in the field of political philosophy will be accepted in this category. These entail a political as well as philosophical focus.

Do not submit personal philosophy, religious or New Age, futurist, or personal opinion sites.

Do not submit sites for political campaigns or parties, opinion pieces on current issues, political news and media, or conspiracy sites.

If your site is not scholarly or academic in nature, we strongly recommend you submit elsewhere. No site is guaranteed placement in the Open Directory. Editors reserve the right to reject any submission to this category.

Sites devoted to the philosophical underpinnings of conservatism and the conservative movement, and of the variant and derivative schools such as classical or paleo- conservatism, neoconservatism, liberal agrarianism, aristocratic legitimism, paleolibertarianism, or integral traditionalism.
Submissions here should focus on the ideas underlying principles or concepts that define conservatism. Sites about specific issues, movements, or events should be sent to more specific categories in Society/Issues, Regional, or another relevant branch of the directory.
Please submit sites relating to Bernstein and his works.