An academic study concerned with the relative similarities and differences of what takes place within a state, society, country, or political system. As a method of study it involves comparative analysis of political institutions and behavior.
Please submit only academically focused sites which deal with the comparison of different political or government systems. Web directories which deal with more than one government and that are maintained to aid political scientists in their study of this field should also be included here. Sites that describe a single government and it''s functions and organization without academically comparing it to other governments or political institutions should be submitted to the appropriate country''s government subcategory in Regional. Sites that deal with relations between countries should be submitted to International Relations. Sites which advocate or educate on social or political topics for general consumption should be submitted to Society/Politics, Society/Issues, or Society/Activism as may be appropriate.
College and universities offering Comparative Politics as an area of study and with websites describing those courses.