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Please send sites about Learning Languages in general, or those that treat more than one language to that category.

Please send sites about learning a specific language to the corresponding category under Natural Languages.

Please send sites about English as a Second Language Schools to that category.

Open to sites featuring degreed programs in translation or interpreting.
Please submit professional associations to Business/Business_Services/Translation/Associations or Business/Business_Services/Translation/Interpreting/Associations .

Sites offering mere lists of resources should be listed in either Business/Business_Services/Translation/Resources or elsewhere in Science/Social_Sciences/Language_and_Linguistics/Translation.

Sites for translators or agencies masquerading as translation clubs in which so-called membership is limited to paid translation of a set number of texts or letters, should submit to the appropriate professional sub-category under Business/Business_Services/Translation.
This category is for amateur, academic and hobbyist translation organisations, societies, clubs, institutes and associations.
According to the ODP Preferred Terms, a Directory is a links list or a list of sites, with little or no extra information about each site. A Guide is the same, with extra information or commentary about each site.
Please submit sites containing individual or collections of articles, abstracts, and research findings one category back to the Translation section.

Please submit sites for Linguistics Journals to that category.

Open to sites featuring official and unofficial focus on professional and academic print and electronic media for translators and interpreters.
Not open to commercial sites. Please send Translation Businesses to that category.
Open to public side start pages for mailing lists and news groups for working translators and interpreters. Also featuring lists of such resources.
Machine translation (MT) and word translation software. CAT software is in Computers/Software/Globalization/Computer_Aided_Translation/Software/
There is currently no description created for this category.
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