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This category is not for pure or "Old Chinook". If your site relates to the original Penutian language spoken by Northwest Native Americans, please submit it to Chinook.
Open to sites relating to Chinook Jargon, a contact language which began forming in the 18th Century between speakers of Nootka and Old Chinook, and the English and French, primarily for trading purposes. There have not been native speakers of Chinook Jargon for generations, but isolated words remain in the modern Native lexicon, and a form of it is reported to be used on the Grand Ronde Reservation in Oregon, USA. With other endangered Native languages, a movement exists to preserve Chinook Jargon for cultural identity and enjoyment.
These are Creoles and Pidgins with a Dutch substrate.
Please only submit web pages regarding languages that mix Chinese and English.
There is currently no description created for this category.
This category is for Malay-based pidgins. The primary examples are Bazaaar Malay and Baba Malay.
This category is for pidgins and creoles derived from languages in the Niger-Kordofanian or Niger-Congo family of languages. Non-pidgins and non-creoles from the family can be found in Science/Social_Sciences/Language_and_Linguistics/Natural_Languages/Niger-Kordofanian_Languages/. Pidgins and creoles based on European languages but spoken in Africa can be found in the respective European language subcategories of Science/Social_Sciences/Language_and_Linguistics/Natural_Languages/Pidgin_and_Creole_Languages.
This category is for Portuguese-based creoles and pidgins.
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