Romansh is a Gallo-Rhaetian member of the Italic subgroup of the Indo-European language family spoken by 40,000 people along the borders of Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Romansh is also known as Romansch, Rheto-Romance, Rhaeto-Romance and Romanche. Rumantsch Grischun is the common written language of the Romansh people: It is based to a large extent on the three written idioms used in the Romansh-speaking Grisons, Sursilvan (Surselva), Vallader (Lower Engadine) and Surmiran (Surmeir/Albula Valley). In many cases, however, it also considers the two minor idioms Sutsilvan (Val Schons) and Put?r (Upper Engadine), as well as the various regional and local variants. [Adapted from: Lia Rumantsch]
Language spoken in northeastern Italy, generally considered to be part of the Romansh complex (together with its Swiss relatives and Ladin).
Ladin (also known as Dolomitic Ladin) is the variety of Romansh (Rhaeto-Romance) spoken in some eastern valleys of the Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige (or South Tirol). It is not an Italian dialect.