Latin, also known as Lingua Latina or Latina, is a Latino-Faliscan member of the Indo-European language family. Though now extinct, there are a number of ongoing efforts to preserve and revive it as a living language including those of the Vatican Latin Foundation.
Sites that are in Latin but are not about Latin should be submitted in the World: Lingua Latina category.

Dictionaries should be submitted to:

Reference: Dictionaries: World Languages: L: Latin

Also be careful about not submitting sites that are essentially about classical studies into this category. The right place for these is probably:

Arts: Classical Studies: Roman

This category contains newsgroups and mailing lists for discussing Latin language or for speaking speaking in Latin.
Please only submit Latin newsgroups and mailing lists here.
This subcategory contains Latin grammars.
Don''t submit dictionaries here or other kind of references if they are not grammars. A grammar may appear multiple times in this category if and only if it is packaged in a different format (eg. if a site offers a grammar in PDF format and another offers it in HTML, both may be listed because they meet different needs).
Software specially designed to deal with some aspect of the Latin language: learning, writing, searching, and so on.
Sites for retailers of language software that have happen to have an offering of some Latin software should be submitted to:

Computers: Software: Educational: Languages

It is appropriate to submit the sites of manufacturers of Latin software.

This category contains material related to the teaching and learning of Latin.
Please only submit here sites that are about the activity learning or teaching Latin themselves. There is a lot of material out there useful for learning or teaching that do not really belong here because they are not about the activity or learning or teaching Latin (there is a subtle distinction to understand here). Here are some specific cases:

- Although Roman history, art, culture, and such are of interest to Latinists there are other categories that are better suited for this kind of sites.

- Reference material like grammars and dictionaries should be submitted somewhere else.

Look at the @links and related categories at the top of this category to see if material you think of submitting here belongs somewhere else.

This category contains links to collections of Latin texts on the Internet. Subcategories contain links to specific texts when such texts offer some useful feature that the collections listed here don't provide.
Please do not submit deep links (in this category or any subcategory) to texts contained by collections of Latin texts already present in this category.

If you find a text into a collection not already listed, you may want to submit an entry for the whole collection instead.