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Sites that are in Latin but are not about Latin should be submitted in the World: Lingua Latina category.

Dictionaries should be submitted to:

Reference: Dictionaries: World Languages: L: Latin

Also be careful about not submitting sites that are essentially about classical studies into this category. The right place for these is probably:

Arts: Classical Studies: Roman

Latin, also known as Lingua Latina or Latina, is a Latino-Faliscan member of the Indo-European language family. Though now extinct, there are a number of ongoing efforts to preserve and revive it as a living language including those of the Vatican Latin Foundation.
Noncommercial pages relating to the Spanish language may be submitted here. Schools for learning Spanish may be submitted to Reference: Education: Subjects: Language Resources: Spanish: Spanish Schools.

Pages for commercial translation services may be submitted to Business: Business Services: Translation.

Sites submitted to this category which belong elsewhere will be moved, not deleted.

Romance languages are an Italic subfamily of the Indo-European language family. This group broadly divides into three further subgroups: Eastern consisting of 4 major branches of Romanian, Southern consisting of the Corsican and Sardinian subgroups, and Italo-Western encompassing the remaining languages of this subfamily.
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