ArcInfo is the flagship GIS product of ESRI and it's custom ArcInfo Macro Language (AML) is the primary means of scripting and automation. However because ArcInfo is command line based, scripting is also possible from the operating system shell or in conjunction with other scripting tools like perl, tcl or python, though that is not seen as often. Note that beginning with ArcInfo v8 (aka ArcGIS) the primary scripting language is becoming Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
Though focussed on AML, this category is open to ArcInfo scripting resources written in other languages.

Currently most of the entries are to script collections, and very lean on links to information *about* ArcInfo scripting. Tutorials, good coding practices, tips and tricks, pet peeves, things to avoid, limitations, maintainability, etc. are examples of links I''d like to see more of.

Find links to sites offering information on Arcview and Avenue scripting software.

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Business or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site.

This category is for websites that offers tools for coordinate conversion between different geodetic datum and national grids, and for geocoding tools.
This category contains software defined as component GIS: customized GIS software that serve a specific purpose.
Please only submit GIS related software sites that meet the definition for this category.
Links to web site with tutorials for GIS related software programs.
This category includes information about map servers. A map server is software that allows users to access data and, to at least some degree, process data for the purpose of information extraction. A map server has some functionality beyond simply map display.
Please do not post web sites that do no more than offer data online.
GIS related utility software. For the purposes of this category utility software performs a specific set of functions relating to GIS but is not an all encompassing GIS software package. For example, software that converts from one projection to another, or from one GIS file format to another would be found in this category.
Only submit software that meets the definition as outlined in the category description.
This category is for software which specializes in "non traditional" visualization of GIS data, which usually means 3D. In this context "traditional" visualization is cartography (maps) and 2d topographic display (lines and polygons) Which all GIS software can do.
The rule of thumb is: can it read common GIS data formats in their native form? Or operate as a plugin for an application which is normally considered a GIS? (ArcInfo, ArcView, ERMapper, PCI, GRASS, MapInfo, Spring, SmallWorld, Manifold, TnTMips, etc.) If not, it probably belongs in Graphics/3D/Rendering_and Modelling/Terrain.

For example ArcView 3D Analyst and Genesis II are appropriate, World Construction Set is not, (though EcoModeller for WCS is).