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Please submit only sites that deal with the science of cartography. Sites that offer services will be moved to another category. Please do not submit URLs for sites that sell map products - those should be submitted under the correct maps category.
Cartography is the science and art of map making. Here you should find information and resources related to the process of making maps.
Conferences, seminars, workshops and other events in Geography.
Category includes educational resources in the field of Geography. K-12 includes resources such as teacher homepages, class project pages, games, lesson plans, and other sites focusing on geography teaching and learning. Colleges and Universities include academic departments of geography, and research institutes.
Guidelines For Submitting Sites:
  • Sites submitted here should be in English and must be related to GIS.
  • Sites that are primarily in other languages should be sent to the appropriate language category under World.
  • Submitting sites to the wrong category will delay and/or prevent your site from being listed in the directory. For example, if you are a firm that offers GIS consulting services, you must submit your URL to the Services category in order to be listed.
Thank you for your cooperation.
A geographic information system (GIS), captures, stores, analyzes, manages, and presents data that refers to or is linked to location.
Human Geography is the study of the spatial organization of human activity and human interaction with the physical environment. The @links provided in this category are subareas that are typically of interest to those studying human and cultural geography. Historical geography, cultural geography, medical geography, economic geography and political geography are all areas of study within the field of human geography.
Physical Geography is the holistic study of the Earth's natural systems and cycles. It includes the study of the interrelationships among landforms, soil, vegetation, water (the oceans), and the climate.
Toponymy is the field of science where geography meets with onomastics, the study of names. In short, this is about place names.
Please submit only serial publications (like journals, magazines, etc.). Books may receive their own category if there is enough interest expressed.
Category includes academic and non-academic publications about geography and related disciplines.
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