In general, this category aims to provide researchers, policy analysts and economic planners WEB links to sources of information as well as discussion fora related to the economics of International Agricultural Trade and of Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture. In particular, the editing of this category is from the perspective of a business economist concerned with the impact of globalization of trade and services on firms as a result of the Uruguay Round General Agreement on Tariff and Trade. Although in agreement with the economic theories presented in support of such Agreement, it is foreseen that, in practice, the transition (or failure thereof) by the formerly protected domestic agribusiness firms into globally competitive industry players may and have caused households considerable suffering.
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Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA) is a system developed by local peoples to create a localized food supply around the customer base. Each farm offers shares to consumers and they receive, in turn, a portion of the harvest. This helps to defray the initial operating cost of each season's harvest.
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