"Science in Society" focuses on the interaction of science and technology with the broader society.  Potential topics include (but are not limited to) policy about science and technology, ethics in science and technology, representation of various societal groups in the scientific endeavor, applications of science in law, speculations about future science and technology, and the misuse (or proper use) of science in commerce and public discourse.

This category deals with the interaction of science and culture, civilizations, and standard of living.
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University faculties and departments and academic institutions devoted to the study of science and how it relates to the community.
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Newsletters, weblogs, newsgroups, forums, message boards, and chat rooms on science and society issues.
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Application of science to the enforcement of the law, in particular assimilation of evidence from the scene of crime.

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more information (editors only)

This is a science category, so sites will have information and/or guidance on conducting science experiments or research. Some sites will address the ethics of research which could have dangerous or unintended consequences for humans or animals. Other sites will address scientific misconduct, especially fraud in the research or review process. Science in Society focuses on the interaction of science and technology with the broader society. Research ethics is related to research being some degree of 'moral' and/or 'humane.' Agreement as to what is humane or moral in most cases is, understandably, more a result of consensus than of unanimity of opinion. Society/Philosophy/Ethics/Applied will have some overlap with this category and is possibly a better place to submit pages which argue or debate the ethics (or lack thereof) of certain scientific efforts. Society/Philosophy/Ethics/Applied/Bioethics is the proper category for sites specifically dealing with the ethics of research on humans or animals.
Exploring the interaction between the natural sciences and theology, across the world's religions. The purpose of this category is not to present any particular view, but to provide access to information and diverse views on this subject.
Web sites about religious beliefs belong in an appropriate subcategory of Society/Religion_and_Spirituality.

Web sites about Christian creationism belong in Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Topics/Origins_and_Creation.

"Science and Technology Policy" deals with topics ranging from the role of governments in the scientific enterprise, the promotion of technology, the development of indicators of research performance, the protection of intellectual property rights and the impact of science and technology on society.
Critical evaluation of alternative science, paranormal phenomena, news reports about science, etc.
Sites and articles relating to the Sokal affair, the book "Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels With Science" by Gross and Levitt, and related arguments between scientists and post-modernists.
Weblogs ('blogs') about science and society issues, particularly the intersection of science and public policy.
General Science blogs should go to Science/News_and_Media/Weblogs