Technical standards, standards organizations, and standardization across science and technology.

Sites on standards in electrical engineering. Standards organizations are to be fount not here but in Science/Reference/Standards/Organizations.

International or other non-governmental standards applicable to environmental management and practice. NOT about regulatory standards.
This category is for any pages that give information on the content of particular standards. It probably does not make sense to include any page from a standards organization which is the catalog entry and/or for-pay download page for a standards - after all there are hundreds of thousands of standards documents around, and with almost all standards orgs going to offer their catalogs on the Web in the near future we'd get hundreds of thousands of entries in this category. This category "Individual Standards" should rather take informational pages about certain standards. If a standard is important to a large number of users someone, somewhere is going to write a page describing the rationale for and application of the standard, like e.g. does for the paper size standard ISO 216 and related standards. The category "Individual Standards" differs from the subject-centered categories under Science/Reference/Standards (e.g. /Telecommunications) in that it is for pages on particular standards rather than about what standards are significant for a particular application or field. The names subcats of this category should be the official designation of the standard. If several official designations are used (like e.g. EN 29000 which is essentially the same document as ISO 9000) @links should be used. It should be noted that the Open Directory Project is NOT a standards body, and will not warrant that links within this category point to documents which are the most relevant, or even the latest versions of such information, or even that the standards mentioned are even still current and in force. All users of standards should consult with official documentation and standards before making any important decisions in this area. There are many standards that could be listed in this category, and we ask that any user finding useful sites that could be included in this category to please submit them. If a subcategory does not already exist then please submit in this category, and a suitable sub-category can soon be created.
Please only suggest sites here that specifically relate to ISO 17799, BS 7799 and the ISO 27000-series information security management standards.

Sites that relate to information security in general should be suggested in Sites relating to other standards should be suggested in the closest or most appropriate category.

Not all suggestions are adopted. We are most interested in sites with high quality information about ISO 17799 and ISO 27001, for example those that help organizations understand and implement the standards.

Corporations and organizations which sell standard documents, in paper and/or electronic form. Standards documents are copyrighted and are usually sold at prices that are not nominal but rather substantial when compared to other publications of a comparable amount of content. That is because the sale of standards documents is most standardization organizations' main source of revenue.

Please note that standards documents are usually also available from the issuing standardization organizations.