Classical mechanics generalized (extended) to realm of high velocities (special relativity), and strong gravitational fields (general relativity). In particular, the theory that time and space form a single 'spacetime' which is curved in the presence of energy and mass.
Submissions should contain information about the theory of relativity in general. -Sites related to specific solutions should be sent to Relativity/Black_Holes, Relativity/Topological_Defects or Physics/Cosmology. -Sites which present free lectures or courses should be sent to Relativity/Courses_and_Tutorials. -Sites which contradict or disprove relativity should be sent to Relativity/Alternative.
Although the theory of relativity has been accepted by the scientific community for nearly a century, there are other theories proposed. This category is for sites which claim to disprove the theory of relativity, or which promote alternative theories.
Submissions should contain reference to either the theory of relativity, such as a disproof or claims that it is mistaken. Other alternative sites should be sent to Physics/Alternative or its subcategories.
This is the category for articles in the field of relativity that deal not with the theory as a whole, but with selected aspects of relativistic physics.
Articles that deal with a sub-field of relativistic physics which has a sub-category of its own (such as cosmology, or special relativity, or black holes) should be submitted in that sub-category.
Associations and organizations concerned with research on Einstein's theories of relativity.
This category is dedicated to sites about black holes - ultra-compact astronomical objects that are predicted by Einstein's theory of general relativity, whose gravity is so strong that not even light can escape.
Submissions should contain either lecture notes or course materials useful in the teaching of the theory of relativity.
Sites and pages that deal with observational and experimental tests of relativity, such as the measurement of light deflection or gravitational time dilation.
All pages about experiments and observations should go here, except those that are about the detection of gravitational waves, cosmological observations, or phenomena related to black holes, which should be submitted to the sub-categories dedicated to those particular topics.
Sites and pages with material about the astronomical applications of the gravitational deflection of light predicted by general relativity: from the multiple and distorted images produced when the light of distant astronomical objects is deflected by the masses of less distant galaxies or other astronomical bodies, astronomers and cosmologists can extract information about the lensing system, the distant source, or even the cosmos as a whole.
Contains material about gravitational waves, which are wave-like disturbances of spacetime that propagate at the speed of light, predicted by general relativity.
Articles, lecture notes and other pages directly about gravitational waves should go here; pages of gravitational wave groups should go to Science/Astronomy/Institutions/Observatories/Gravitational_Waves
The history of relativity covers, roughly speaking, related events from the Michaelson-Morley experiment through the formulation of general relativity.
This category is for web resources discussing relativity from an historical perspective. If a page is more about the content of relativity theory than about its origins, it should go in the parent category or some other subcategory thereof.
Groups, institutes, departments and organizations devoted to research on relativity: The special theory of relativity, and Einstein's theory of gravity, general relativity. Included are groups doing research on relativity theory's main applications, such as gravitational waves, black holes, gravitational lensing, cosmology and quantum gravity.
Please submit your site to the most appropriate category. Submitting to an incorrect category may delay review of your site.
Please submit only websites that have English language content to this category and its subcategories. If your site is in a language other than English, please submit it to the appropriate category of World.
Software that is useful for relativity research, notably software for numerical simulations and for algebraic calculations.
Software specifically aimed at visualizing relativistic effects should go into the category Science/Physics/Relativity/Visualization or, if it is specifically about black holes, into Black_Holes/Simulations.
In this category you can find everything on the possibilities of time travel (illusion or reality?) in the framework of Einstein's theory of relativity.
Submitted sites should focus on the science and physics of time travel and closed causal loops. Sites related to science fiction or other non-scientific material should be directed to the appropriate categories.